Where is the RapGodTins?

SkySpeed rapper Ronyo Piper has come under recent criticism from central music fans and rappers for his sabbatical in the music scene. Ronyo Piper who boasts of a very huge fan base has come under scrutiny by his own fans as its been over 5 months since we last heard from the RapGod Tins himself. Some of the fans even feared that the pound for pound rapper may have lost his drive to continue his music career, despite the fact that he has been on countless programs most of his fans feel the rapper is not being proactive enough. SpeedMusicGH had the opportunity to speak with another rapper from Central Region( who wants to stay anonymous) and the rapper said ..”Piper is a great rapper, one of the very few hardcore rappers in the game. but I feel he has lost it, his last mix tape (Gemini syndrome )was a normal track, not what he has become known for….he is one of the most talented and respected rappers in the game….but I agree when people say he is done”

…I caught up with the” RapGodTins” himself and asked him how he feels about this news ,he wasn’t happy and explained that he has not been on sabbatical and that he is working in the studio with SkybooMusik right now to bring more good music for his fans, he said… “it’s absolutely bogus ,I am not on a break of any kind .in fact I haven’t worked this hard until I joined SkySpeed Records. It’s always work work in the studio.i have so many great tunes of which my fans and many music fans would love. so it’s a working schedule with my management team to release my next song in January titled JTR(Justified To Reign) featuring sensational gospel artist Flourish. This song is going to be released with its video to further push the music and message to the world. Aside that there are countless tunes and features coming, including the SpeedMusicGH Cypher which also includes ACE RAPPER,KING DARIUS,MULAR PALMER,JAH LIGHTNING,OKUTEY,REVELATION,AYAGON and LAZER VERSAL , premiering soon with a video too.so as you can see, am not resting at all and want to urge all my fans to be patient because better things are cooking” . He also promised to respond to his critics about his career and promises to release a track addressing all these issues…
As a fan of the Beast (Ronyo Piper),I hope he releases the track very soon .its been a long time since we heard from him and its gonna be great to hear from him again…I for one can’t wait and i’m sure most of Central Music will be paying close attention to this news.

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