CMA’s : Central Music Awards or Candymania Music Awards


The Central Music Awards, an event which has been held in Cape Coast for the past five years to promote the talented musicians who are working hard in the Central Region and praise their good works has recently turned into a ridicule. The main aim of this event has been to reward and encourage musicians and all those who play active roles in the Central Music Industry for their creativity, innovation, hardwork and the ability to create good music. The whole idea is quite simple; Reward those who deserve to be rewarded. Push those who deserved to be pushed. Promote the Central Music Industry. But what is happening now? This year’s Awards saw a lot of corruption.


Right from the onset of the awards, which was months before the nomination forms were out, we heard of the creation of categories that has never been heard of in any music awards. An example is the Female Artiste of the year category which I personally spoke against and ultimately had me expelled from the Central Music Awards Organizers Board. Candymania Entertainment finally added the Male artiste of the year; the very idea I was selling which they failed to even consider.



Favoritism from the nominations to Nominees Jams to the main event. – Favoritism on the part of the organizers started right when the nominations came out. This was seen when some artistes and nominees didn’t pick nomination forms but were nominated. Dr Spice of LiveFM 107.5mhz was nominated for Best Promoter but according to him he did not pick a nomination form. Also in the Sound Engineer of the Year category, Prezdoe also said he didn’t pick a form and was surprised to see his name in the nomination list when it came out. These are few examples among the many that could be said.

Still on the nominations, Sticker who is a Swedru based artiste with his first entry in the awards got seven nominations, this is a clear case of favoritism don’t you think so? He was nominated only because he featured Kofi Kinaata even though the song was not a hit. Information available to me shows that Sticker is a young boy of immerse wealth and might have paid to be nominated.


On the day of the Nominees Jams, Okutey who was nominated for the Best Hi-life song with his hit song, SAN BRA FIE had to beg the cordinater Kay Tee of MAX TV to perform a single song whiles other nominees had the chance to perform close to five songs. Do you know why it was so? This was because the Denmark based artiste, Okutey is from SkySpeed Records which is my own Record Label and on that day of the nominees jams, just hours before I, together with Dr Spice,  Skyboo, Dj Repentance among others were at Live Fm and talking about the mistakes the CMA organizers are making with the cordinater himself Kay Tee who was defending the CMA organizers.



The event’s Red Carpet is a topic that really needs much attention. I really don’t know what went wrong in the publicity of the event but as it turns out, people wore casual dresses and slippers for the awards night. And photographers from Cape Coast captured this and did not feel shy to post it on social media. And also why were they even allowed on the red carpet??



The awards were given to undeserving artistes. Sticker did not in anyway deserve the New Artiste of the Year Award. His song is unheard by more the 70% of Central Region. Barakiya Baaba deserved that award much better than Sticker. Barakiya Baaba’s Fetu Afahye theme song was a song that shows creativity and talent in a sixteen year old girl. The song was aired and was played in almost all corners of the region. To make it brief, Lokal’s song Gods Attack is not a song of good lyrics, it is a song of curses and was not much heard like Okortor Perry’s Gyewo Two which was even used by the NDC for their campaign before the election. According to Prezdoe. There are many undeserving artistes who got awards but that issue will be thoroughly discussed later.



Due to the cheats and favoritism that was seen in the nomination list it angered a lot of people in the music circle of the Central Region which did not make them attend the awards ceremony. The attendance rate as compared to last year’s was about 100:40.



All these factors and more have made a lot of people in the lose interest in the awards and the kind of respect the awards had has now drastically depreciated.


For a solution to these criticisms I suggest the awards is rebranded to Candymania Music Awards of any name that will depict a personal interest affair.




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