Beat maker and sound engineer Omoajibade rebrands to Ajibade

Born Azeez Ajibade, to a family of a Nigerian father and a Ghanaian mother, Ajibade is one of the underated/unknown sound engineers/producers in Ghana who deserves a spotlight for his awesome works so far.
Ajibade had his basic and secondary school education in Ghana and Nigeria respectively with much passion for music and fashion. Right from childhood, Ajibade knew he could make music and did not allow that passion wither away, but kept it on as a hobby until he is now a professional.

Ajibade is doing very well in terms of production. He has managed to produce great songs for amazing talents like; D Cryme, Remy J, Gilly Craine and Kd Bakes whose latest chart topping single Asunder was also produced by him.

The Evangelical Presbyterian University College graduate believes the music/showbiz industry will get better when artists and producers are getting adequate compensation for their hard works, not only from performances and endorsement deals, but also royalties.
Great record labels investing in talents and having a fair share of deals between artists and record labels.

The late Togolese award winning singer/record producer Omar B was someone he looked up to as a mentor and brother. After Omar B’s sudden demise in February 2020, Ajibade still keeps alive his affiliation with Omar B’s record label, OB Connexion Music.

He is simply poised and looking forward to seeing the music/showbiz industry change for the best in the near future, by enabling budding producers and artists have more opportunities and avenues to trade their talents.

Azeez Ajibade was formerly known as OmoAjibade, but upon critical thought on branding, he wishes to be known and addressed as AJIBADE, henceforth. Productions bearing the former name are still valid to his credit and portfolio.

Follow Ajibade across the socials for update on his new projects and more.

Facebook and Instagtam: AZEEZ AJIBADE


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