Captain Planet slams Coded

Captain Planet Slams Former 4×4 Member ,Coded For Saying Shatta Wale Cause Their Split.

Captain Planet has come hard at his colleague and former member of the 4×4 for spewing what he termed as ‘rubbish’ and false propaganda.

Coded in a previous interview has said the bar Shatta Wale set at a point in time back in the days caused panic in their camp

He stated that Wale was releasing back to båack hit songs and was getting all the attention. Coded further added that to keep up with the competition the SM boss subtly offered, they decided to split so they can produce individual projects.

He said the idea was for them to release hit songs individually but still sustain the core relevance of the group and reunite later.

“That was the era that a lot of singles were coming from Shatta Wale. That was the season he was releasing countless records. Shatta Wale will release a song today and in a maximum of two weeks, he is out with another song”, he said on Class TV (CTV).

However, barely a few hours after he made this revelation, his former ‘boss’ Captain Planet who was the frontrunner of the group has said what he said is rubbish. Captain Planet reacted in a tweet saying;

“Stop that rubbish, it’s never true. I don’t know exactly what Coded was trying to explain. Maybe he was talking for himself [about] the reason he started doing his solo project. I showed the video to Fresh Prince this morning, he was even laughing his lungs out.”
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