Efia Odo pushes Sista Afia to confirm body enhancement surgery on live TV? (WATCH)

Speaking on United Showbiz over the weekend, the actress and the singer apologized to each other for body-shaming themselves online as Efia Odo calls Sista Afia “a hippocampus” and the latter also calls the former “a skeleton”.

Sista Efia incurred the wrath of Efia Odo with a hissing comment as a reaction to the actress, who questioned the purpose of some Ghanaian supposed celebrities have been flaunting iPhone 13 as if owning the new apple gadget is an achievement.

“Why is acquiring the latest iPhone such an accomplishment to many Ghanaians? This baffles me and I need answers cuz it’s quite embarrassing especially seeing “celebrities” posing with their new iPhone,” she said in a Tweet that has gone viral.


Efia Odo’s tweet was shared by a blogger on Instagram and Sista Afia dropped a comment to say “Mteeww,” to suggest that Efia Odo’s comment may be an annoying one to her.


This forced the pair to drag themselves on social but they trashed it out on Saturday night. Efia Odo whilst apologizing to Sista Afia then decided to compliment her. “I like your new body, it looks great,” she said.

Her comment comes to suggest that Sista Afia who has been flaunting her body lately may have undergone the knife to enhance her figure. Without denying Efia Odo’s claim that her body is new, she simply replied “thank you”.

Before this, the ‘Slay Queens’ singer has never spoken about enhancing her body. But does this mean Sista Afia has got some work done? Watch the video below and tell us what you think.




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