Thirtn is a rising musician in Ghana who is signed to Charlton Entertainment Record Label, and I feel it’s about time music lovers in Ghana paid full attention to this amazing rising musician because everything this young act has proved ever since he announced his presence in the music scene makes it obvious that he is among the few young acts to take Ghana music up to the next level in future.

Thirtn has three official songs to his credit. He introduced himself in the Ghanaian music scene in 2019 with his debut single titled “HOLIDAY” in which he featured Fameye. He later dropped his second song called “SIKA” in 2020, which is a song to the soul and pushes one to do more for himself or herself financially. That is my favorite.

The rising act has dropped another hit song about a month ago which he calls “MI LOBI” and he featured Ahkan of Ruff & Smooth fame. The song which talks about love is a masterpiece by all standards. Thirtn falls in deep love, talks to a lady he loves and asks the lady to love him as well. A love song Ghanaian gentlemen will go along to ask a lady out to be their ‘bae’. It’s receiving a lot of airplay and a lot of reactions from many content creators and music lovers in and outside Ghana.

If you have heard about THIRTN and have heard all his three songs out there especially the new one “Mi Lobi”, you would attest to the fact that indeed he is the future. If you haven’t yet, this article is to entreat you to start paying attention to this amazingly talented artist. All his three songs are on all media stores and platforms. Go and check them out and start supporting this amazing artist. You can also follow THIRTN on all social media platforms. Let’s pay attention to him because he has a lot to offer as a musician.

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