The Dredging of Cape Coast Fosu Lagoon was 100% Founded by Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly – MCE (Mayor Ernest Arthur)

The Fosu lagoon of Cape Coast is a  major source of livelihood for people around the Cape coast metropolis especially the Siwdu community who have made a name for themselves through the small tilapia stew they sell with banku which the people of Cape Coast called “Siwdu Mpatoa”.

The lagoon has been seen as filhty and unkempt for a very long time and this made the livelihood of the people of Cape Coast unstable. This led to major complains from the directly affected people and the concerned inhabitants of the town. The have complained bitterly about the situation of a lagoon and not so long ago about a month ago the lagoon saw a major dredging.  The mayor of Cape coast Hon. Ernest Arthur in an interview with K.K (Morning Show Host) of LiveFM in Cape Coast clear the air about the funding for the dredging and said that the was sponsored solely by they Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly under his very supervision.

They have been a speculation that the Fosu Lagoon has been sold to an outside company which was responsible for the dredging and this created a lot of worry for the concerned citizens.

He went on further to clear the air about the weeding of the lagoon which some people claim was done by members of the National Democratic Congress. He made it clear that the weeding of the lagoon is not the same as the dredging of the lagoon as the cutlasses that the members of the NDC are claiming to have bought could not have been used in the dredging. He went on to say that he personally gave the AKA President GHc5000 to pay the workers who did the weeding of the lagoon. He said “They shouldn’t cofuse the public with the two”.

Writer : Nana Kwesi Egan-Mensah

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