Stonebwoy finally puts his huge BHIM Residence and plush cars on display; video drops

Ayisha Modi, known on social media as ‘She Loves Stonebwoy’, has displayed Stonebwoy’s massive wealth by putting his expensive cars and a huge mansion on display.

In a video sighted on Instagram, Ayisha Modi displayed all of Stonebwoy’s cars in his plush mansion, which has been christened the BHIM Residence. The video showed a lot of customised cars parked in the forecourt of the house with some having customised number plates.
Ayisha Modi went around the house to show how huge it was and also captured the customised swimming pool in the house.

She went on to have a chat with the people in the house, including Stonebwoy’s younger brother and some people who were standing around the plush edifice. Ayisha Modi indicated that Stonebwoy was so rich, but he refused to flaunt his wealth on social media as others will do.

‘She Loves Stonebwoy’ added that Dr Louisa Satekla was also not a show-off so it was hard for her to flaunt their riches on social media. It appeared Stonebwoy was filming something around the pool area as Ayisha zoomed in to see show what was happening.

Not long after Ayisha took BHIM fans on a tour of the house, Stonebwoy came out and was goofing around as he sat on the bonnet of one of his plush rides.

Source: Yen


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